Handmade seal experience for children

Seal / Bank seal

Handmade seal from parents to baby

A heartfelt seal that your child can cherish for the rest of his life

Limited to one group per day



Handmade seal / bank seal experience


(Voice of participants)

・ I am happy to have a very good seal that my daughter can use with great care.

・ I was worried at first whether it would be a beautiful seal, but I was able to explain it carefully and it was completed successfully.

・ I was very happy with Hanko Kamakura's handmade experience because I wanted to present a personal seal for my child.

・ I was looking for a seal that could be used for a lifetime with a heartfelt timing for my son's coming-of-age ceremony and daughter's admission.


Q What is the price?

A The estimated price of the limited quantity full-scale stamp / bank stamp course is in the 9980 to 80,000 yen range. The minimum charge is 9980 yen. In addition, the price will be the price per person.

Q What is included in the minimum charge of 9980 yen?

A Experience fee and stamp material fee (wooden stamp 12 mm) are included. Case and shipping costs will be paid separately. It is also possible to upgrade the material and case.

Q How many people can participate

A Up to 2 people can participate at one time. One person can also participate as a surprise gift with a handmade seal. In addition, since the fee is only for those who experience it, it is okay for those who are waiting to come to the store.

Q Is it possible to change the course?

A You can change the course on the day.

Q Can I take it home on the day?

A Normally, it will be mailed with a delivery time of one week. If you hand it on the day, a separate fee will be charged.

Q What is the specific content of your experience?

A The creation of a seal is largely divided into writing → engraving → finishing stamping, and you will experience “writing”.

There is no experience of sculpture.

Q How long is the working time?

A Basically, it is assumed that the writing work will take 1 to 2 hours.

Q Can even a beginner do it?

A The seal will be comparable to the one you actually ordered at the stamp shop, so you can experience it with confidence.

Q What about cancellation?

A Please contact us by phone at least one day in advance.

Q How should I pay?

A You can pay by cash or credit card at the store.

Experiences and classrooms at Tsukino Inbo are "complete reservations required".
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