About the workshop

Tsukino Infusa is a stamp specialty store "Kamakura Hanko" facing Onari Street in Kamakura.

It will be a hands-on / classroom workshop.

We will do our best every day to bring happiness to our customers.

Please come visit us when you come to Kamakura.


Address: 5-6 Onarimachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0012

Phone number: 0467-37-9297

Email: kamakurahanko@gf7.so-net.ne.jp

Business hours: 10: 30-18: 00 ( Tuesday / Wednesday regular holidays, irregular holidays)

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Trust trust belief


Our store is a seal specialty store born and raised in Kamakura that believes in being trusted and trusted by customers.

Kamakura Hanko contributes to the development of Kamakura while valuing history, tradition and culture. In addition, we will work to disseminate the good history and culture of Japan not only domestically but also to the world.

Gratitude health learning

Hanko Kamakura's code of conduct is gratitude, health, and learning.

Thank you for living every day. Every day is fulfilling through work. I will never forget to thank our customers.

In addition, we will correct our lifestyle, work hard, remember to smile, and enrich our mind and body.

And while valuing tradition and culture, we are not afraid of improving and changing business management and become greedy for learning.

Focusing on what you have now, you will grow little by little every day without being impatient.