Handmade marriage seal

Seal / Bank seal

An irreplaceable handmade wedding seal made by two people


* Experience work time is about 2 hours.

* The stamp you made will be mailed to you.

Handmade original seal

You can make a seal that is comparable to what you order at a stamp shop.

Some people come to make a surprise present!

Limited to one group per day, so you can experience with confidence



Customer testimonials

It is the impression, evaluation, reputation, word of mouth, and message of the customer who actually experienced it.

(Reputation / word-of-mouth) Seals that you want to cherish forever
(Reputation / word-of-mouth) Seals that you want to cherish forever
(Reputation / word-of-mouth) Seals that you want to cherish forever
Mr. and Mrs. Fukatsu who live in Shizuoka (from email message)

I exchanged seals at the wedding ceremony!

Thank you for the other day. On January 7th, we were able to do it safely in the fine weather at the ceremony hall in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It may be the effect of the seal that it was blessed with the blessed weather of fine weather as well as not raining despite being a rain man. It was really nice to be able to conclude with a seal made by two people at a big turning point in my life! Thank you very much!!!

It has become a lifelong treasure for the born child

When I was looking for a bank stamp for my child after giving birth, I was looking for a stamp that I could make myself.

He taught me the work carefully, and I was able to experience it while having fun.

I think it has become a lifelong treasure that you can use carefully even when your child grows up.

Now we want to make our own seal!

An important seal that you can attach to

I've always thought that a stamp would be made by asking a stamp shop, but I'm very happy to have a stamp that I imagine. I was able to have more attachment than any seal. I was able to learn about the history and traditions of stamps, and it was two birds with one stone. Thank you for spending a very meaningful time.

Surprise present at the wedding

I was looking for a gift full of thoughts for her, whose name changes due to marriage. I thought about rings and accessories, but decided on a seal that could be used for a lifetime. It was an experience that I could make a solid thing by myself, so I am very satisfied! !! I gave her a surprise gift and was very pleased! This time I will make it for myself and my newborn baby! !!

While enjoying Kamakura time, it became a lifelong memory

The seals we made have a special feeling

It is common to ask a stamp shop to make a seal, but we will look up the characters and design the typeface by ourselves, so while having fun

I am very impressed with the creation of the original seal.

The seal made in Kamakura was an important time for only two people who will never forget it. Also, we will come to Kamakura together.


(How it was experienced)

The two of them seemed very uneasy to make the imprint, but they carefully explained the formation of the characters and how to arrange the characters, and they consulted with each other to create a very wonderful typeface. .. It is impressive that it became the only original seal in the world and was very pleased.


Q What is the price?

A The estimated price of the limited quantity full-scale stamp / bank stamp course is in the 9980 to 80,000 yen range. The minimum charge is 9980 yen. In addition, the price will be the price per person.

Q What is included in the minimum charge of 9980 yen?

A Experience fee and stamp material fee (wooden stamp 12 mm) are included. Case and shipping costs will be paid separately. It is also possible to upgrade the material and case.

Q How many people can participate

A Up to 2 people can participate at one time. One person can also participate as a surprise gift with a handmade seal. In addition, since the fee is only for those who experience it, it is okay for those who are waiting to come to the store.

Q Is it possible to change the course?

A You can change the course on the day.

Q Can I take it home on the day?

A Normally, it will be mailed with a delivery time of one week. If you hand it on the day, a separate fee will be charged.

Q What is the specific content of your experience?

A The creation of a seal is largely divided into writing → engraving → finishing stamping, and you will experience “writing”.

There is no experience of sculpture.

Q How long is the working time?

A Basically, it is assumed that the writing work will take 1 to 2 hours.

Q Can even a beginner do it?

A The seal will be comparable to the one you actually ordered at the stamp shop, so you can experience it with confidence.

Q What about cancellation?

A Please contact us by phone at least one day in advance.

Q How should I pay?

A You can pay by cash or credit card at the store.

Experiences and classrooms at Tsukino Inbo are "complete reservations required".
If you are considering this, please make a reservation from the following.